When you consider what’s going on with the economy, it’s very easy to focus on your own individual needs as you feel the stress of hard times. You may feel like you have to keep it all for yourself—your time, your talents, your resources, and energies and there just isn’t any extra for anyone else. 

However, when you step out of your own personal focus and begin asking how you can be of service to others, everything in the universe shifts and you embark on a path to much greater success.

What can help you to achieve this positive new way of thinking?

Instead of focusing on “What’s in it for me?” – take the focus off of yourself. Shift your focus to “What am I going to GIVE?” Watch your energy shift into a positive place regardless of your own struggles, financial or otherwise.

What’s even better is with the right focus you CANNOT FAIL. When you’re authentic and have an intention to truly be of service, you end up winning by establishing or maintaining great relationships.  And the surprising thing is those relationships will give you back just as much or more than what you gave.

If you’re struggling financially, let go of focusing on that desperation and instead focus on who you can serve. You’ll be amazed at the shift in your energy and the positive results will inspire you to continue.

                  Kim DeYoung is the original Metromom—a motivated mom entrepreneur committed to her family, her career and achieving success on her own terms. Also known as the “Get It Done Girl”, Kim is the dynamic and creative force behind Metromom.com, the “get it done” resource for the busy mom entrepreneur, providing solutions on marketing, money,  mindset and motherhood.