The hottest lip color trends this fall are subtle nudes and bold reds.  Picking the right nude or red lip color is easy once you know your correct skin tone.  Just flip your arm over in clear daylight and look at your forearm to check out your undertones.  If you see yellow, or orange you are warm-toned and pick those color bases.  If you see pink or blue you are cool toned and you should pick those color bases. Here’s some tips

Light skin- 

If you want subtle color- Opt for nude shades with pink, peach or soft apricot shades with your correct base tone. A great tip to achieve a simple and easy nude color is to use a lip balm, your concealer and a clear lip gloss as this should perfectly complement your skin tone since you are using your concelaer as your color.

If you want bold color-Vibrant bold shades in berry and true reds or with some golden with your correct base tone work great. To know you have achieved your perfect shade of red check out how it compliments your smile, if your teeth look whiter than it’s perfect!
Medium skin –

If you want subtle color- Choose nude shades in caramel and warm beige with your correct base tone.  To really make color pop first apply a nude lip liner one shade darker for a brightened effect.

If you want bold color-Deep pink, coral and rich brown reds with your correct base tone work fantastic. If you found that your red lipstick is a little too bright mix a little brown into it to tone it down.
Dark skin –

If you want subtle color –Pick nude shades in rich golden brown and coffee with your correct base tone. Remember lips should always be exfoliated prior to applying color so it goes on smooth.

If you want bold color-Rich dark blue, berry and deep rose reds are beautiful with your correct base tone. For precise color lines apply with a lip brush when wearing bold shades.

{Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics}