Summer is the perfect time for wearing bronzer for that healthy looking glow.  Our Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder adds A touch of sunshine to warm up every complexion with its soft and silky texture for a beautiful and natural glow. Using the e.l.f. professional Blush Brush, lightly brush over powder, tapping off any excess. Apply to cheeks and across bridge of nose and forehead.  I also recommend blending around the hairline, under the jaw and neck for a full dimensional and natural looking glow.  Blend with Total Face Brush to insure seamless application.  The key for perfect application is start with light application and build for desired color and always blend in thoroughly.  Here’s what others are saying about this product!

DramaQueenKatie from PA said: “I bought myself this product in Luminance for Christmas. It’s a great highlighter: I’d is use in under my brows and on my cheekbones. While being prepped w/ stage make-up for a product I was in the make-up guy noticed this and asked if he could use it on the other girls as well. Stage lights wash just about any skin tone out and this product gave us all a healthy glow while performing.”
Mizz_Vickki from CA said: “This is by far my favorite product. I buy 3-4 at a time so that I always have a stock at home. I have light skin and I use Luminance all over my face lightly instead of face powder for a natural glowing look. I use Warm Tan with a light hand for contouring and over my eyelids for an all around bronzed, natural glow. I love this product!!!!”