Blush Makeup


E.L.F.'s Best Blush Makeup

Which is better—cream blush or powder blush?

It really depends on your preferences and your skin. Powder blushes like e.l.f.’s Luminous Powder Blush produce a glowing effect; they’re easy to distribute and easy to blend. They’re suitable for all skin types and preferable for oily skin. Cream and putty blushes like e.l.f. Putty Blush and Monochromatic Multi-Use Blush Stick give you a dewy effect and are ideal for dry, normal or combination skin. And you can always use both—start with a cream or putty blush then set it with powder for color that lasts all day.

How do I apply powder blush?

The best way to apply powder blush is with a brush. Choose a soft, fluffy brush that isn’t too large or too small for your face. The right sized brush will give you perfectly-proportioned placement. Dip the brush into the powder and tap off the excess blush color. Place two fingers on the outside of your nose. Place your brush on the crest of your cheekbone, next to your second finger and sweep the color upward and into your hairline.

How do I apply cream blush?

Apply cream blush with your fingers or with a makeup sponge. Dip your makeup sponge or your fingers into the blush and pat it along the crest of your cheekbones, extending the color upward. Continue patting the blush until it’s completely blended with no harsh makeup lines.

What is the difference between blush and bronzer?

Use blush to add a flush of natural color to your face. Use bronzer to warm up your skin and mimic the effect of spending time in the sun.

How do I choose the best blush color?

Pick a blush color that harmonizes with your skin tone and your skin undertone. Your skin tone is fair, light, medium or dark. Your undertone is cool, warm or neutral. If your undertone is cool, choose a rose or a pink blush. If it’s warm, you’ll look best in peach and apricot blushes. If your undertone is neutral, just about any color will work. The lighter your skin, the more delicate the blush color should be. If your skin is darker, you can use more saturated and vibrant blush colors.