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Lip Gloss FAQs:

Why wear lip gloss?

If you’re looking for a lightweight texture and a sheer color result, lip gloss is for you. It creates a more casual look than lipstick and because it’s sheer, it doesn’t have to be applied with the precision of lipstick. Lip glosses can also be worn over lipstick for extra shine and color longevity. Lip gloss comes in several forms. There are lip stains like the Glossy Lip Stain which offers color that stays put in a formula that’s less bold than lipstick but packs more color punch than a lip balm. Plumping lip glosses gives lips a fuller appearance. Lip lacquers treat lips with vitamins as they enhance lips with a subtle wash of color.

How long does lip gloss last?

Lip gloss may last anywhere from three to eight hours, depending on the intensity of the pigment in the formula. In general, lip stains and lip lacquers will last longer than lip gloss and lip balm. You can also extend the life of your lip gloss by filling your lips with lip liner first, then apply lip gloss over the liner.

How to apply lip gloss?

For a super natural lip gloss look, a little goes a long way. Simply apply lip gloss to the center of your lower lip, press your lips together and go. If you want a bit more coverage, apply lip gloss to the center of your lower lip, extend it to each corner and then press your lips together. For a more polished result, fill your lips with lip liner, swipe lip gloss onto your top and bottom lips from center to corner and press your lips together. You can also go back and outline your lips with the liner to refine your lip shape.

What is the difference between lip gloss and lip balm?

Lip gloss gives your lips a boost of shine and sheer color, unless you’re using a clear lip gloss, in which case the natural color of you lips will be enhanced with shine. Lip balm is primarily used to hydrate and nourish dry lips, although some lip balms, like the Bite-Size Lip Balm, also provide a wash of sheer color.

What is lip stain?

Lip stains offer the same sheer color, shine and easy application as lip glosses, but they tend to be longer-lasting on the lips. Lip stain won’t transfer onto fabric or skin. To remove lip stain, place a drop of face oil onto a damp cotton ball and gently wipe the lip stain off of your lips.