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A natural extension of the e.l.f. Cosmetics skin care collection, our facial tools help take your beauty regimen to the next level, pampering your skin and treating it with the gentleness it deserves. Each of our facial treatment tools is designed to work in harmony with the products you pair them with, helping them to deliver the results you're looking for. Every day can offer a spa-like experience for your skin with the right skin care tools, and you'll find them for a fabulously affordable price here at elf!

The foundation of our facial equipment collection is built on our wildly popular Massaging Facial Cleanser. This small but mighty two-sided facial treatment tool features silicone tips that massage the skin while deeply, but gently, cleaning. After a long day, this tool is the perfect way to clean the slate while soothing your skin, and preparing it for treatment or moisturizer. Prefer a more manual touch when it comes to massage? Our simple but effective Facial Massager is ideal for relieving tension at any time. Toss it in your bag, and help revitalize your skin within minutes as needed! If tired eyes are a concern, be sure to check out our revolutionary, award-winning Massaging Eye Wand Set. Perfectly calibrated vibrations and stress-melting heat come together to prepare your eye area for deeply nourishing hydration.

Like all e.l.f. products, our skin care tools are cruelty-free. So go ahead and enjoy the Cleansing Duo Face Brush knowing that no animal was harmed in its production, and no animal testing was done.

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