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Serve next-level eye looks starting with prepping your eyes with our selection of eyeshadow primers.

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Eye Primer FAQs

What is eye primer?

Eyeshadow primer, also known as eye primer for eyelids, is a product worn under your eyeshadow to help it last longer. It also helps prevent creases in your eye makeup and helps your eye makeup go on smoother. It should be noted that eyeshadow primer is not the same as face primer—the formula is thinner, more absorbent and is designed to grip your eye makeup and keep it in place.

How do I use eye primer?

Before applying your eye makeup, apply a dab of an eye primer like the Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer over your entire eye area using your ring finger. If you plan to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner under your eyes, apply the primer there as well. Be sure the primer is evenly applied and well-blended, then proceed with your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Is eye primer the same as eyeshadow primer?

Yes, eye primer, eyeshadow primer and eyelid primer are all names for the same type of eye makeup priming product.

Do I need eye primer for eyeshadow?

Eye primer can definitely upgrade the quality of your eyeshadow. It will prevent eyeshadow from creasing or smudging, especially if you have oily skin or are prone to perspiring. Eyeshadow primer helps eyeshadow go on smoothly and more evenly, especially if you have dry skin. It gives you an even base and it will help grip the eyeshadow for longer-lasting wear. It also creates a clean “canvas” on your eyelids, which will ensure a clear, true eyeshadow tone. Because you need so little to do the job, your eyelid primer will last a long time.

Why doesn’t my eye makeup stay on?

There are several reasons why eye makeup tends to run, crease, smudge and smear. If your skin is oily or if you perspire, it is difficult for eye makeup to adhere for extended periods of time. If your skin is dry, it can cause your eye makeup to crease. If you want your eye makeup to last, don’t use concealer, face primer or foundation on your eyelids. These formulas are too heavy and creamy and can cause your eye makeup to slide off. Be sure to remove all oily skin care products and makeup removers before applying fresh eye makeup. And finally, try applying an eyeshadow primer to the entire eye area before putting on the rest of your eye makeup. This product will help prolong the life of your makeup, prevent creasing and smudging and even out the skin on your eyelids for smooth, consistent application.