Eye Cream & Treatments

Under-eye creams & treatments to instantly brighten, nourish & smooth that delicate skin.

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    Holy Hydration! Hydrating Eye Cream
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Eye Cream and Under Eye Treatments

Eye creams, eye masks and eye serums are formulas designed to be applied specifically to the delicate skin around the eye area. Many people incorporate creams into their daily skin care routines. While some people question the need for a product other than moisturizer for the eye area, creams can offer treatment for the delicate eye area without irritation for all skin types.

What does eye cream do?

Eye creams serve a number of functions. Formulas like hydrating eye cream contain hyaluronic acid and peptides to moisturize dry, undereye skin and reduce dark circles. Eye mask, serums and creams can also reduce puffiness, soften the appearance of fine lines and reduce redness and irritation.

How do you pick the best eye cream?

The best eye cream is one that targets your individual eye care needs, whether it’s dry skin, dark circles puffiness and swelling, crow’s feet and fine line and wrinkles or a combination of all of the above. If you need a little of everything when it comes to care for your eyes, consider a formula like a cbd eye cream. It’s a full spectrum eye cream that helps revive and plump the under-eye area while also hydrating, locking in moisture and reducing the signs of aging.

Where do you apply eye cream?

To apply under-eye cream, start by dispensing a pea-sized amount to your ring fingers. Begin at the inside corners underneath each eye, as close to the lash line as possible. Gently pat the product into the skin, working outward to the outside corner. Then with the eye cream that remains on your fingers, pat the product onto your eyelids, up to the orbital bone, which is the bone that protrudes just above your eyelid.

What is eye serum?

Like facial serums, eye serums and eye masks like a hydrating under eye mask provide concentrated doses of eye-loving ingredients that are designed to be easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. Because they are so absorbent, they are ideal for layering under your other favorite skin care products.