Eye Primer

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Putty Color-Correcting Eye Brightener

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Choose 2 Free Gifts with Orders ₹2,901+, get a 3rd added at ₹4,144+!


Serve next-level eye looks starting with prepping your eyes with our selection of eye primers.

What is eye primer?

Eyeshadow primer, also known as eye primer, is applied to your eyelids before applying your eye makeup for long-lasting wear. It is similar to face primer in that it helps grip your eyeshadow, creating a smooth base for your eyeshadow or any eye makeup, enhancing its color, and helping prevent creasing or smudging throughout the day.

How do I apply eye primer?

Always start with clean eyelids

  1. Dab a small amount of eyeshadow primer on your eyelid using your fingertip or a small makeup brush.

  2. Gently blend it across the entire eyelid, up to the brow bone.

  3. Be sure the primer is spread evenly for a smooth canvas.

  4. Wait for a minute or two to let the eye primer set before you apply your eyeshadow or other eye makeup.

Is eye primer the same as eyeshadow primer?

Yes, eye primer, eyeshadow primer, and eyelid primer are all names for the same type of eye makeup priming product.

Do I need eye primer for eyeshadow?

Eye primer is not a necessity before applying eyeshadow, but it can definitely enhance the performance and long-lasting wear of your eye makeup. Primer can extend the wear of your eye makeup on your eyelids, intensify the color of your eyeshadow, andprovide a smooth base when applying your eye makeup helping prevent creasing, fading, and smudging.

Why doesn’t my eye makeup stay on?

There are several different reasons why your eye makeup tends to run, crease, smudge, or smear. It could be due to your skin type, application, makeup formula, or even touching your face.

It is always important to cleanse and moisturize your face before applying makeup as this can help how well your makeup stays on. Then, try applying an eye primer to the eye area prior to putting on the rest of your makeup. This helps prolong the life of your makeup as well as help even out the skin on your eyelids for smooth and consistent application.