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Elizabeth Taylor Auction


The personal possessions of Hollywood era actress, Elizabeth Taylor, will be auctioned off on an international tour this September. Bidding in New York will be held from December 13-16 in the Rockefeller Center gallery. For those of us- and that is probably most of us, including me- who won’t be able to bid on her jewelry, arts, fashion, or memorabilia, we can commemorate her by sporting her most prized possession - her iconic thick eyebrows. Her classic eyebrows compliment oval faces best, they would also be a plus if you already had thick eyebrows that you could shape.  Make a bold appearance this summer by taking advantage of our $5 Eyebrow Collection (includes: 4 Reusable Stencils, Tweezers, Eyebrow Brush, Brow Setting Mascara, and Eyebrow & Gel Powder).

~Kayla-e.l.f. intern


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