Nude makeup looks are natural, subtle, and guaranteed to leave you feeling confident and flawless.  Don’t know where to start? No worries! We’re here to help you pick out the shades for your unique complexion. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to get the perfect nude makeup look!

Nude Know-Hows

Before choosing your nude makeup shade, here are a few quick guidelines to follow when creating your natural look.

Keep the base light and even – Use a BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or a super lightweight foundation to create your nude look. A full, heavy base of foundation might be a little much for this style. A lightweight base will go a long way to help even out your skin tone and will make you look naturally flawless.

Use your skin as a guide – Before deciding on which lipstick, blush, bronzer, concealer, and eyeshadow to use, always compare the product’s undertone with the relevant area of skin (lips, chicks, eyelids, etc.) and see if it matches. This little bit of extra effort will make the end result a seamless blend of natural shades.

Play up the shine ­­­– Your monochrome look doesn’t have to appear flat! Try applying a sheer highlighter to the cheekbones, brow bone, and the center of your eyelids for subtle but striking dimension.

Choose liquid and cream over powder – Powder products are often great for heavier coverage, but remember, we’re after a natural and soft look. Liquid and cream formulas are able to smoothly spread over the skin and leave the light, sheer finish you want for a nude style.

Nude Makeup for Fair Skin Tones

Eyes: Stick to your naturally occurring pink undertones and choose subtle rose hued eyeshadow that contains a hint of shimmer. Apply white eyeliner on the waterline for a widening effect and a coat of mascara for light lash definition. Bonus tip: go for clear mascara for a naturally groomed look.

Lips: It’s important that your lips don’t look too glossy—especially when you are trying to exemplify an effortless look. Find a liquid lipstick or lip tint in a shade of cool pink that matches your lips to brighten your complexion without making it look washed out.

Face: Pink and purple hues often show up on fair and pale skin, so using a concealer is necessary. Try picking a light concealer that closely matches your skin tone. Use it under the eyes and over any acne, blemishes, or blotchy areas. For blush, choose a sheer rosy blush to mimic your true skin tone.

Nude Makeup for Medium Skin Tones

Eyes: A golden bronze eyeshadow beautifully accentuates this stunning skin tone. Apply a thin stroke of brown eyeliner over the top lash line for subtle definition or try layering different bronzed eyeshadow shades to bring out depth to your eye color.

Lips: Aim for a peach or mauve lip color that matches the undertone of your lips. Keep the color locked in with a clear wax liner. We guarantee your lips will look sensational all day long!

Face: Choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone to help brighten the under eye area. Lightly apply a peach blush that pairs well with your natural skin tone.

Nude Makeup for Dark Skin Tones

Eyes: For your eyelids, reach straight for a palette with deeper shades of brown with slight golden flecks at the inner eye corners. Thinly line the upper lash line with black eyeliner, making sure to end at the corner of the eye. Finish with a layer of rich, black mascara to make your eyes pop.

Lips: Apply a chocolatey lip color that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone to pull off a rich nude makeup look.

Face: Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to cover up any spots. Then, use a bronzer with golden tints in the hollows of your cheeks and highlight the cheekbones with a golden tinted shimmer.

Now that you’ve got your ultimate nude makeup guide, here’s our golden rule: Remember that your nude makeup look is meant to leave you naturally glowy and radiant, not overdone or washed out. We recommend using makeup that enhances your face without contrasting with your natural skin tone too much. Try these looks for yourself and tag your look with #playbeautifully!

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