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Go Glam in Grey


I’m already stressing out about the holidays. Decorations up? Got that one covered. Holiday cards ordered? Oops! Not yet. Presents bought? Hhhmm…not sure how I’ll ever motor through the entire list.  Whatever. What I’m really worried about: What will I wear? I’ve started canvassing my closet, admittedly seeing what will fit. (Darn, why didn’t I lose those 10 pounds in October and November?!) No worries, I’ll turn to the good ‘ol standby… my little black dress, right?? NO??!! Apparently not.  According to the style experts from Celebutante Sisters, it’s no longer about the LBD, or little black dress. No, ladies. This year,  you should be glammin’ it up in grey! Want some style tips on how to pull it off, no matter what your style? READ this…

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