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How to: HD Blush!


A lot of you guys must be wondering how to use our all new HD Blushes! They're super pigmented and may have scared you away, but we created his how-to 'pictorial' to help you guys out. Here's how:

Step 1: Pump out a really small amount onto the back of your hand. A little goes a VERY long way with this blush.

Step 2: Swirl your Small Stipple Brush in the HD Blush making sure to coat all the bristles.

Step 3: This sounds counter-productive, but wipe off most of the product on a clean spot on the back of your hand until the color is sheered down, and there is only a tiny amount left of product on the brush.

Step 4: Swirl the color onto the apples of the cheeks as you would with a cream blush. If at first it looks too bright, wipe some more product off the brush.

Sep 5: If you prefer to use your fingers, dip two fingers into the blush and wipe of most of it until you have a sheer amount on your fingers. 

Step 6: Tap the color onto the cheeks while blending for a natural, flushed effect.

Step 7. Viola!


Patti, contributing elfette















We also made a 'What Not To Do' pictorial for you guys because we knew this HD Blush would be tricky.

Step 1: DO NOT straight up dip your brush in a ton of product. (Wipe some off of your hand or on a paper towel)

Step 2: DO NOT then apply all of that product straight to your face. You'll end up angry, like Elle here. 

Step 3: If your applying the blush with your fingers, DO NOT dip your finger and the product and apply it straight to your face. Wipe some off first!

Patti, contributing elfette

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