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Kelly's Super-Luxe Nails: Amazing or Outrageous?


Source: WENN Apega

We're always a big fan of metallic and glitter nails (or both!) to give your manicure a glamorous precious gem-esque look. But what about using actual precious gems in your manicure? Apparently, Kelly Osbourne--always daring in her makeup--got a white diamond encrusted manicure this week, that featured a whopping ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of actual diamonds!

Before you scoff too hard at investing that much money into a manicure, Kelly did get the look to raise awareness for cancer research. As e.l.f. remains committed to the fight against breast cancer this October, we can't complain too much about anyone helping to raise awareness! Still, while we do love Kelly's blinged nails, we'd definitely prefer something a bit more...attainable. We think a silver glitter topcoat will suffice perfectly, without absolutely breaking the bank! 

What do you think of Kelly's diamond manicure?

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