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The Best Long-Lasting Makeup to Keep Your Halloween Look on All Night

By Maria Scenna

Making sure your makeup stays on all throughout one of the most fun and spooky nights of the year is a must. Your Halloween makeup look will complete and transform your costume, whether you’re dressing up as a witch, disco diva or a Disney princess. Long-lasting makeup ensures you won’t have to wait in those long lines for the bathroom to touch up your lipstick or mascara. Read on to find out which beauty treats you should carry in your bag this Halloween season!

Primer: Locking in the Magic

As you dance the night away, you want your Halloween makeup to stay in place all night long. That’s why it’s important to start your look with a reliable, longwearing and high-quality primer. Gripping face primer sticks onto your makeup so it won’t budge from day to night! It acts as both a base for your makeup and a primer for dry skin that hydrates your complexion for a smooth, glowy finish. We recommend applying your face primer after applying face moisturizer and letting it dry.

When choosing a face primer, you should take into consideration the formula and the ingredients the product is made of. A gel-based primer contains a sticky texture to help grip your makeup and stay on longer. It should be slightly sticky for a minute or two when you first pat it on your face, but the tacky feel disappears after you apply your foundation!

The Secret Weapon for Perfect Skin? Hydrating Liquid Foundations

After prepping your skin with a face primer for long-lasting makeup, use a buffing foundation brush or makeup sponge to blend your liquid foundation onto the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, jawline and upper neck. Similarly for the under-eye area, we recommend applying eye cream before you apply concealer.

Using a hydrating liquid foundation not only can help to conceal blemishes, but also gives you that all-night glow. These lightweight foundations provide medium-to-full coverage and long-lasting wear. We recommend pairing with the 16 HR. Camo Concealer, a full-coverage liquid concealer that covers up under-eye circles and has lasting power for up to 16 hours. Don’t forget to spritz a layer of setting spray after applying foundation and again after makeup setting powder for longwearing makeup!

Complete Your Spooky Look with Setting Spray

Setting spray is an often overlooked but vital part of your makeup routine. The Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist will help your Halloween makeup look last for up to 16 hours of long-lasting wear. Infused with cucumber fruit extract, aloe and green tea leaf, this hydrating spray will lock your look down from day to night and soothe your skin. Prior to applying the product, shake the bottle and then hold it eight to ten inches away from your face. Close your eyes and then mist your face two to four times in a “Z” formation. Its micro-fine mister allows for easy application and ultimate coverage.

In addition to setting spray, makeup-setting powder will also help your look stay in place and leave your skin with a soft, glowy finish. Using a setting powder will help your oily skin have a smooth, soft glow without the shine by blurring the appearance of fine lines and pores with sapphire particles.

Don’t Forget Waterproof Eyeliner & Mascara

Your eye makeup can create a deep intensity and become the focal point of your Halloween makeup look. So keep your eyeliner and mascara intact with waterproof formulas. Using a waterproof eyeliner that creates smudge-free thick or thin lines with a precision felt tip pen will help you achieve those dramatic cat eyes to match your cat woman outfit!

Enhance your eyes with volumizing waterproof mascara for bigger and bolder lashes. With a clean, vegan formula, this waterproof mascara has a flexible silicone brush that grips lashes from the root to the tip with both vertical and horizontal bristles for makeup that lasts.

Long-Lasting Lip Stains for a Bold Touch

It can be challenging to find a lip product that lasts through eating, drinking and chatting the night away. Look for long-lasting lipsticks and lip stains with staying power. These formulas are designed to cling to your lips and resist fading, smudging or transferring. Glossy lip stains deliver a gloss-to-stain finish that won’t transfer and leave your lips with a pop of color and a hint of sheen. So even if you’re not wearing a costume, your Halloween makeup look will still give fabulous vibes thanks to long-lasting lip stains!

Time to Say Goodnight with Makeup Removing Balm

Getting rid of waterproof and long-lasting makeup at the end of the night is no easy feat. Thankfully with our makeup cleansing balm, you’ll be able to remove cosmetics without a hitch while leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky soft! This solid makeup removing cleansing balm melts into a luxurious oil and then turns into a milky texture that rinses off clean.

First, scoop out a dime-sized amount of the makeup melting balm with the spatula and massage onto dry skin. Moisten fingertips and then continue to massage into your skin using circular motions. Rinse your face with water or remove the residue with a warm damp cleansing cloth. Follow with your favorite e.l.f. cleanser to double cleanse for that extra-clean feeling. Follow with a moisturizing face cream to keep your skin hydrated. Complete your nightly skincare routine by hydrating under the eyes with eye cream before heading to bed!