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By Jeanette Crutchfield

A+ Brows for Back to School

This fall, the look is all about brows. Whether thin and defined, thick and fluffy, or somewhere in between, eyebrows are one of the simplest ways to update your makeup look for the new school year. Because they frame your face, they are one of the most important steps of a makeup routine.

Laminated Brows

Ace the fluffy soap brow trend seen all over social media with laminated brows. Laminated brows use a clear eyebrow gel to lift, sculpt, and groom brow hairs into place. This style of brows gives the feathered look of microblading, but it’s important to have the right eyebrow product to create the laminated eyebrow look. Keep in mind that a regular brow gel won’t have the super strong hold needed to keep this style in its precise place.

To achieve laminated brows, first, pat the skin and hairs dry around the brow area. With a clean spoolie, brush through the brows once before applying laminating brow gel. Apply a little bit of the clear brow gel onto brow hairs with a spoolie brush. Use the flat side of a laminating brow applicator to gently press brow hairs flat against the skin giving an uplifted and polished look. Allow brow gel to dry before continuing the makeup look using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pen to fill in any sparse areas. To have a more long-lasting makeup look, set your eyebrows with a mist of all-day setting spray.

Straight Brows

One of the biggest trends in eyebrow shapes is straight brows. The straight brows concept is to remove the arch and downward part of the tail of the eyebrow, making the eyebrows appear more straight rather than having a swooping arch. Keep in mind that this eyebrow trend does tend to take more commitment than other trends due to the fact that shaving part of the eyebrow is required. Therefore, this is not necessarily a look that can be tried for just one day and then go back to a natural look tomorrow.

Still, the trend is booming with beauty goers taking a razor to their brows to get a more uplifted, “just got a facelift” appearance on their face. If achieving trendy straight brows is the desired look this school year, many beauty experts recommend going to a professional to get the shape done correctly the first time. The look can then be maintained at home by taming the brow hairs with an eyebrow gel.

Natural Brows

Natural brows are always in style and are one of the simplest eyebrow looks to achieve. The goal is to get an even shape and perfectly defined brows that look natural and effortless. To achieve this natural look, a precision point eyebrow pencil is needed to define the shape of the brows and a clear brow gel to tame any unruly eyebrow hairs.

The key to getting the perfect natural brow look is to work with the natural shape of the eyebrows. Fill in any sparse areas of the eyebrows with a fine-tip brow pencil. Draw individual hairlike strokes onto the eyebrows where needed without over-exaggerating any part. Simply define the shape the brows have naturally.

Thin 90s-Inspired Brows

One of the most iconic brow shapes is the thin 90s-inspired brow. This eyebrow shape is designed with pencil-thin arches and just like the straight brow trend, this look requires some commitment and maintenance as the look is achieved by plucking the brows into the ultra-thin, defined look.

This brow shape is a little easier to DIY than straight brows. Start by using an eyebrow pencil to draw on the brow shape and thinness desired, then start plucking the brow hairs outside the newly defined brow line with a slant tweezer.

New backpack? Check. First day of school outfit? Check. Brows on point? Double check. There are a lot of brows options this school year. Which one are you going to enroll in?

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