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Nail the Laminated Brow Look with Our New Brow Laminating Gel

By Brooke Sager

If your social media FYP is flooded with the latest and greatest beauty trends, then surely you’re no stranger to the laminated brow look—aka, full, feathered and pigmented brows that stay put and make a statement.

What is brow lamination, you ask? Whether you have naturally bushy brows that need grooming or thin brows that could use a lift, this popular technique is often done in a salon and creates gorgeous brow definition to give your eyebrows a wide-awake look that stays put for six-to-eight weeks.

There are downsides to professionally laminating your brows, though: it often comes with lengthy appointments, a hefty price tag and no-budge pigment that you’re committed to (at least for a bit).

Looking for an easy and affordable way to achieve pro-grade laminated brows at home that you can wash off EOD? Skip the salon appointment and say hello to our new Brow Laminating Gel—a lightweight, clear-drying brow gel that delivers our strongest e.l.f.ing hold yet! This must-have product features a dual-ended applicator that makes it easy to sculpt, shape and set your brows with total precision, while the flake- and water-resistant formula really locks down your look (no unwanted stiffness here!).

We’re here to give you the full scoop on our latest launch (and how it compares to our other e.l.f.ing amazing brow products!), plus a step-by-step to help you master the look of enviable laminated brows.

How to Laminate Your Brows

On a mission to achieve beautifully molded brows at home but don’t know where to start? Here’s how to nail the laminated brow technique in seven easy steps using our new Brow Laminating Gel:

Step 1: Pat your brow hairs and the skin around your brow area dry to prep for a long-lasting look.

Step 2: Using the precision spoolie (with NO product on it), brush your brow hairs up and out. Grooming your brow hairs first will help ensure a smooth application of your brow gel.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of Brow Laminating Gel onto your brows with the spoolie, brushing the hairs back and forth to fully cover them with product.

Pro tip: A little gel goes a long way! You want to ensure you use just the right amount of gel so that it can dry down and hold your brows in place. Too much gel will give you a messy application and gloppy-looking brows.

Step 4: Shape your brows with the comb end, then gently press up and out into your brows with the brush to set hairs in place.

Step 5: Let it dry and set your look before moving on to the next step!

Step 6: To really hit it home with that microbladed look, fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil by drawing in fine, individual brow hairs where needed.

Step 7: Create even more definition by applying a bit of concealer around the upper and lower edges of your brows using a flat concealer brush.

What Product Should You Use to Laminate Your Brows?

If you’re looking for one single makeup product to help you nail the brow lamination technique at home, you’ve met your e.l.f.ing match with our Brow Laminating Gel.

Strong-as-e.l.f. hold to lock down your look? Check. A lightweight, flake-resistant formula that won’t stiffen so your brows look extra fluffy? Check. A universal clear gel that works on any and all brows? Check. A dual-ended applicator for effortless grooming and sculpting? Check. An affordable $8 price tag? Check!

Pro Tip: Like with all makeup products, a correct application in key in mastering your desired final look. With our Brow Laminating Gel, only a little product comes out at first, so you may need to dip the brush into the product a few times to get the right amount of gel to shape and set your brows to perfection.

What is the Difference Between e.l.f.’s Brow Laminating Gel, Brow Lift, and Soap Brow?

We’ve got you covered with a wide range of makeup products to help you create full, lifted brows that wow—from our new Brow Laminating Gel, to our Brow Lift and Soap Brow. If you’re wondering, “what the e.l.f. is the difference and which one should I use?,” allow us break it down:

  • Our Brow Laminating Gel boasts our strongest hold yet (think of it almost like an eyebrow glue stick). The water-resistant formula goes on white and dries clear for a natural finish, while the unique 3-in-1 applicator lets you work quickly to brush, sculpt and set your brows for a long-lasting laminated look.

  • Our Brow Lift is an extreme-hold eyebrow shaping wax that holds your brows in place for a lifted feathered look. The gel-wax hybrid formula delivers a clear, glossy finish that complements all skin tones and brow colors, and applies easily with our Brow Lift Applicator.

  • Our Soap Brow pomade is a must-have for achieving the fluffy “soap brow” look of your dreams. The dry soap formula delivers firm hold with a matte finish, instantly activates with water and applies easily with our Brow Lift Applicator for a seamless, mess-free application.