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Sun-Kissed Glow: Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks

By Aimee Lubrano

Summer skin is always in—and the allure of a dewy, natural makeup look is on top of everyone’s list this season. It’s fresh, effortlessly chic, and do we dare say, easy?

Yep, you read right. Mastering a naturally flushed glow is an actual breeze. That’s because it all comes down to three words: hydrated, dewy skin. Creating the look shouldn’t be complicated, or time-consuming. Instead, it should be as simple and carefree as summer.

Even though we all dream of that enviable “just-back-from-vacation” radiance, or a delicately embarrassed flush, some may find it a challenge or be intimidated by the different ways to achieve it, forcing us to explore countless TikTok videos or ask our favorite Google friend a few questions:

       How do I make my makeup look dewy?

       What gives your face a dewy look?

       How can I make my makeup look glowy?

       What products make a dewy look?

It doesn’t matter what question you ask, we’re all after the same answer.

When it comes to glowing summer skin, less is definitely more. But keeping the products minimal means you need to choose the right products to give your skin the perfect dose of dew.

Luckily for you, we’ve curated the easiest tips and tricks to help you dew it right. To get your summer glow in flow, embrace the hydration with the right products, and get glowing!

Step 1: Start with Hydrating Power Grip Primer

Hydration, hydration, hydration. No matter what, prepping your skin with a hydrating face primer is the basis for any dewy finish. Not only will this help create a perfect canvas for your makeup, but it will help lock in moisture, and your makeup, throughout the day, which is essential any summer look. There’s nothing worse than seeing your makeup slide down your face half way through the day. Dewy? Yes! Messy? No!

One of everyone’s favorite primers is the e.l.f. Power Grip Primer. There’s a reason it’s known as the #1 Primer in America! Whether you opt for liquid or cream-based foundations and concealers, starting with this gel-based, hydrating face primer grips makeup and locks it in place like no one’s business. And with a translucent finish, it’s the perfect primer for all skin tones. (Now you know why it’s rated #1). Starting with a hydrating primer is your best bet and first step for smooth skin, and keeping it hydrated all day so you get that long-lasting dewy finish.

Step 2: Apply Hydrating CC Cream

When choosing products to create your dewy look, it’s really important to select ones with luminous or hydrating formulations so you’re building a dewy finish every step of the way. How do you know if they are? Well, your first tell-tale sign is looking for products labeled as "dewy", "luminous," or “hydrating”. Read your products! Most tell you what they are and what they do. And every step in creating your natural, dewy makeup look for summer should include hydration. Again, it’s not just the finish you’re after. It’s also building a look that lasts!

Another tip for summer makeup is losing the foundation step. After all, summer skin should feel and look natural. Opting instead for a hydrating CC cream is a great alternative to foundation when creating any dewy look. We all want full coverage and may need some color-correction as well, but we don’t want that heavy feeling or made-up look. So selecting a CC cream that can help hydrate skin while still giving you the same color-correcting coverage is a great choice. And if they offer additional broad spectrum SPF coverage? Bonus! And one-less step.

Step 3: Add a Pop of Blush

Now comes the fun part! Color. Sun-kissed summer skin should always include a perfect pop of color. Whether you want a subtle, flawless flush, a bit of natural warmth, or a bold pop of color, choosing a cream or liquid blush is an ideal choice for adding color to your cheeks and building any dewy summer look!

Again, “long-lasting” and “dewy” are the goals. So, it’s important to choose lightweight, buildable formulas that blend and layer well, and also provide the right amount of pigment allowing you to dial up the color intensity as you wish. Whether it’s an strong pop of color, or a subtle one, you still want to achieve a soft finish. Opting for a wow color should be intense—never harsh.

Luckily, there are a ton of fun, ultra-pigmented colors with skin-loving ingredients to choose from. So have fun with your cheek color—and let your personality pop!

Step 4: Apply Highlight

Highlighter is your best friend when it comes to achieving a dewy complexion. But if you want that luminous, glowing skin that looks and feels hydrated, selecting a liquid highlighter is key. Think of highlighter as your magic wand for giving your complexion that subtle hit of light and radiance for that perfect lit-from-within glow.

To add luminosity and dimension, apply liquid highlighter to the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow. From fair, tan, deep, medium or rich, there’s a perfect shade of highlighter to do the trick for your skin.

Don’t forget to always choose a lightweight, buildable formula that blends easily into your skin so you avoid harsh lines. Dewy, makeup should look natural as if your skin was kissed by the sun, not made by artificial intelligence. There’s nothing smart about seeing the makeup.

Step 5: Warm It Up with Bronzer

Nothing says summer skin like a kiss from the sun. But you don’t need the sun to create the magic. Bronzed skin gives you the illusion of sun-kissed beach days spent in the warm summer sand. Not only is a warm, bronzed complexion the picture of health, but a staple in dewy, lit-from-within makeup looks. Part of achieving a radiant finish is giving your skin that natural, sun-kissed glow.

Using bronzer can enhance your features and help create a more sculpted, defined look, adding depth and dimension to your face, emphasizing cheekbones, jawline and facial contour for a more youthful appearance. This natural-looking method of looking tan also helps mask imperfections and give the appearance of a more even skin tone.

Cream to powder bronzers are great for oily, normal, dry and combination skin types. Plus, they help you avoid looking oily and provide that hint of shimmer wherever needed. Opting for a lightweight, buildable bronzer can give you the best chance for the radiant, glowing finish you want for natural- looking, summer skin.

Step 6: Finish. Set. Mist. Your Makeup Look with a Dewy Setting Mist

Summer skin should finish strong. A final and critical step to creating and keeping that dewy, summer makeup look is making sure you finish with a dewy setting mist. In addition to highlighter, a dewy setting spray can work wonders in enhancing your glow. A few spritzes of a hydrating setting spray not only helps your makeup last longer (an absolute must for summer), but it also gives your skin a boost of hydration.

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