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4 Reasons Lash XTNDR Tubing Mascara is a Must Have

By Brooke Sager

Many beauty lovers name mascara as their number one can’t-live-without makeup product. Whether you’re going for a subtle daytime look or a bold makeup vibe for a night out, mascara is the ultimate finishing touch, designed to enhance your lashes by making them darker and more dramatic for a big, bright-eyed look.

However, not all mascaras are crafted the same. These days, there are a variety of mascara formulas out there—from curling mascara, to lengthening mascara, volumizing mascara and waterproof mascara—each one built to help you achieve a different lash look.

A newly popular mascara type that’s been #trending in the beauty world with celebrities and influencers alike is tubing mascara—aka, lash extension mascara in a bottle!

Tube mascaras are buildable, long-wearing mascaras crafted with a special tubing technology (more on that in a bit) that works to wrap each lash in tube-like polymers and extend your lashes way beyond their natural length. Are you after long, spidery lashes with that all-out glam factor? These formulas are some of the best mascaras for length and achieving a clump- and flake-resistant look.

Want to lash out and give the best tubing mascara a go? Read on to discover four reasons our new Lash XTNDR tubing mascara in black and brown is a makeup-bag must-have for your everyday routine. With just a few swipes, you’ll have lashes for days and everyone will be asking you, “are those your real lashes?!”

The Tubing Formula Technology

What is tubing mascara, you ask? It’s a special type of lengthening mascara that wraps each lash with lightweight tubes to build and extend lashes beyond their natural length, creating the look of lash extensions.

Our long-lasting Lash XTNDR tube mascara is crafted with this very tubing technology, delivering flexible, clump- and smudge-resistant wear, while also making this formula less flakey and messy than traditional mascaras. Tubing formulas are also revered for their staying power because they can hold their own without running or transferring—so even if you’re sweating or crying, you can rest assured your glamorous lashes will stay intact!

Another perk: our cruelty-free Lash XTNDR mascara formula is enriched with 5% jojoba seed oil to nourish and condition your lashes while you’re serving bold lash energy.

Unique Mascara Wand

A good, ergonomic mascara brush plays a major role in creating a next-level lash look—the brush’s shape, bristles and material all make a difference! When you pair our incredible tube mascara formula with its unique “magic wand” brush, you have the ultimate combo—you can create long-looking, defined lashes in no time with minimal effort.

Lash XTNDR features a special tapered, extender silicone brush, which picks up the perfect amount of mascara every time, then works to grip and separate each lash for wow-worthy length and big-time impact.

Here’s how to use the wand to properly apply our tubing mascara and achieve the mile-long lashes of your dreams:

  1. Position the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and sweep through slowly to coat each eyelash from root to tip.

  2. To build even more length, apply your second coat (if desired) before the first coat dries to prevent the little tubes from clumping.

OMG Value

Achieving your desired lash extension look doesn’t have to cost a bundle. At e.l.f., we pride ourselves on creating high-quality products at get-real prices so that you can enjoy the best of the beauty-verse without killing your wallet (we’ve got you!).

Our new and affordable tubing mascara is only $7 (!) and lets you be extra with your lashes without paying extra. Many other tubing mascaras on the market come with a hefty price tag, but Lash XTNDR really lets you have it all: pro-level quality and e.l.f.ing gorgeous lashes at less than a third of the typical cost.

Not to mention, even if you shell out a bunch of money, mascara doesn’t last forever. Regardless of price, formula and brand, you should be replacing your mascara every three-to-six months after opening to help prevent bacteria build-up and ensure peak performance (old mascara can dry out and cause clumping). Spending large sums of money on a product with an innately short shelf life seems like a beauty blunder, especially when there’s a wallet-friendly option that delivers the same great results.

Tubing Mascara is So Easy To Remove!

Another benefit of tubing mascara to add to the list: the effortless and painless removal.

What is the difference between removing tubing mascara and regular mascara? While regular waterproof mascara formulas require a good makeup remover and some elbow grease to take them off (which can irritate your delicate eye area), you can easily remove tubing mascara with warm water and your fingertips—that’s all it takes! No rubbing or tugging on your lashes is needed, and you won’t be left with dark, messy raccoon eyes at the end of the day.

Here’s how to easily and gently remove tubing mascara in three easy steps:

  1. Splash warm water onto your lashes and gently massage lashes with clean fingertips.

  2. As you massage downward, the mascara will begin to dissolve and slide off. (Don’t be alarmed when you see little black flecks fall onto your cheeks during removal—these are the tubes, not your lashes, and this is normal!)

  3. Rinse and repeat until all mascara is removed.

How to Apply Tubing Mascara