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What is CC Cream? Meet our NEW Camo Hydrating Formula

By Brooke Sager

When applying makeup—whether it be for every day or an evening out—a gorgeous, even complexion is always the goal. While basic foundation gets the job done as a base makeup product and is often the obvious go-to, many formulas out there can weigh your skin down and don’t contain any good-for-skin ingredients.

Great news: you can have it all with our new Camo Hydrating CC Cream—the ultimate multifunctional makeup product that also delivers skincare benefits. This hydrating tinted cream gives you epic full coverage color correction, SPF 30 protection and skin-loving perks thanks to a blend of tremella mushroom, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vegan collagen. The easy-blend, cruelty-free formula also leaves skin with a dewy finish for a smooth, plumped-up, healthy-looking complexion—no heavy feel or cakiness here!

Like our original Camo CC Cream, this new, extra-hydrating version also comes in 30 shades to suit a wide range of skin tones (fair, light, medium, tan, deep, rich) and undertones (cool, neutral, warm). TL;DR: there is a Camo Hydrating CC Cream for everyone!

If you’re ready to put your best face forward, it’s time to get acquainted with our newest multitasking dream cream. Read on for the 411 as we break down the benefits of our Camo Hydrating CC Cream, share application tips and help you pick the right finish for your skin needs.

What is CC Cream?

CC cream—aka, color correcting or complexion correcting cream—is a makeup product that is typically used for its undertones to help color correct skin. CC creams achieve this neutralizing magic by utilizing colors on opposite ends of the color wheel (e.g., using hints of green help counteract redness). They can be used in place of foundation or as a face primer under your makeup.

These amazing multitasking makeup products also offer a handful of other benefits, including:

  • A medium-to-full-coverage finish that feels lightweight on the skin
  • Long-lasting formulas
  • Helps minimize the look of dark under-eye circles and imperfections
  • Gives you a smooth complexion and reduces the look of uneven skin tones
  • Has added skincare benefits (e.g., extra hydration and skin-loving ingredients)
  • SPF protection against sun damage
  • Ideal for achieving the natural “no makeup” makeup look
  • Various finishes (e.g., matte, dewy, illuminating)

You may have also heard of BB creams—aka, beauty balm creams—which are another fan-favorite product among beauty lovers. CC creams tend to be fuller coverage since they have a little more pigment than BB creams, and are specifically used for their one-stop-shop, color-correcting abilities.

When Should You Use CC Cream?

Beauty minimalists, rejoice! If a lengthy, 10-step skincare and makeup routine is not your thing (or you’re looking to simplify your regimen), you’ll love the all-in-one advantages of using a CC cream. With just one product, you can color correct uneven skin tones, hydrate and nourish your skin, conceal imperfections, minimize dark circles, apply your SPF protection and give skin a full-coverage, airbrushed finish.

Reach for a CC cream on the days you want a quick application and are after a more natural makeup look. Not only will using less products in your routine save you both time and money, but going minimalist will help reduce your risk of layering too many products onto your skin—a potential recipe for causing breakouts of irritation.

Since CC creams are packed with pigment that helps minimize discoloration and smooth out the look of your complexion, they’re an ideal everyday product for those who want to help cancel out redness and conceal imperfections (e.g., acne scarring, fine lines, blemishes, uneven texture).

Plus, thanks to their skin-loving benefits, CC creams are great for use on a range of skin types—from dry skin, to oily skin and combination skin.

How to Apply CC Cream

Ready to achieve a smooth, even, dewy complexion and put our miracle cream to the test? Here’s how you apply Camo Hydrating CC Cream like a pro in five foolproof steps:

  • Step 1: Prep your skin. An even makeup application always starts with clean skin, so make sure you wash, exfoliate, tone and moisturize your face before applying CC cream. Pro tip: Follow up with our Poreless Putty Primer to ensure an extra-long-wear application.

  • Step 2: Apply 1-2 pumps of CC cream by dotting a little bit of product around your face (e.g., on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose). PRO TIP: Apply to the areas that need the most color correcting first to help even out skin tone.

  • Step 3: Blend out in circular motions using the larger brush head of our Complexion Duo Brush.

  • Step 4: For more targeted coverage in problem areas (e.g., dark undereye circles, blemishes or red spots), apply small dots where desired and blend out with the smaller brush head of our Complexion Duo Brush.

  • Step 5: Lock in your look with a dusting of translucent finishing powder and a makeup setting spray.

Hydrating vs. Semi-matte CC Cream

CC creams come in a variety of finishes, each one offering specific benefits that are tailored to your skin type and its needs.

Our OG Camo CC Cream delivers medium-to-full coverage with a semi-matte finish. The skin-loving formula is ideal for use on a range of skin types, but those with oily skin or mature skin will love the natural, shine-free effect of the semi-matte look.

As the name suggests, our new Camo Hydrating CC Cream delivers the same medium-to-full coverage you know and love, plus additional hydrating benefits to help plump the look of skin and leave it with a dewy finish. While a wide variety of skin types can benefit from using this formula, those with dry skin will especially love the added hydration and glowy effect. It’s also a great product to reach for during the cold, dry winter months when your skin is extra thirsty.

Both CC creams are long-lasting, multitasking products that work to color-correct and smooth the appearance of skin, while delivering SPF 30 broad spectrum sun protection.