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By Jeanette Crutchfield

One of the most important makeup looks this year is bold lashes. Make applying mascara part of your morning routine. Read on for our top mascara picks and application tips.

If You Want Voluminous, Bold Lashes

The best way to take on the new year is with big, bold dramatic lashes. Achieving a bold lash look using mascara doesn’t have to be hard.

To apply a volumizing mascara and get lashes-for-days, take some notes from dance class and twirl a little. Nestle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and then twirl the wand upwards to really drag your lashes up while the mascara thickens your lashes. Be an overachiever and apply 2 coats to score an A+ in volume.

Take on your entire class load with Big Mood Mascara to get lashes that are bold and dramatic with intense definition and lift. It even comes in vibrant colors like a bold blue mascara for truly eye-catching looks that will be appreciated even outside of art class.

If You Want Curled Lashes

When choosing a curling mascara, look for formulas that have a curved brush with bristles of multiple lengths. The shorter bristles will help to grab the mascara and grip it into the lashes while the longer bristles help to separate, lift, and evenly coat each lash helping them to be as sky-high as possible.

You can help your lashes stay curled longer with a lash curler. Eyelash curling is easier than figuring out what Shakespeare really meant in that sonnet. Squeeze the lash curler at the base of your lashes for a few seconds, then the middle of your lashes, and finally the tips of your lashes to get super curled and uplifted lashes.

If You Want Waterproof Lashes

Just because you have lacrosse practice in the morning, a full day of class, and water polo after school doesn’t mean you can’t play the lash game. All you need is an amazing waterproof mascara. Get the same bold, dramatic, and voluminous lashes as all your classmates, but make sure your mascara is labeled smudge-resistant, flake-resistant, and most important, waterproof.

Apply a waterproof mascara the same way you would a regular mascara, but make sure it’s completely dry before you go diving into the deep end. Your mascara needs to be dry to stay put when it gets wet. One thing to remember though... waterproof mascara won’t come off with just soap and water, so at the end of the day, make sure you use a makeup remover that specifically says it will remove waterproof mascara.

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