You cannot paint a masterpiece on a canvas without prepping it first! The same goes for your skin and makeup primers. Makeup primers help you create a smooth, flawless base when applying your favorite foundation or face makeup. Here are 8 reasons why you should use a makeup primer!

1. Blur & Smooth Over Imperfections

Primers camouflage wrinkles, dark circles, spots, and fine lines, leaving your skin looking smooth, silky, and completely flawless! The Blemish Control Face Primer not only covers up imperfections, but it also helps control breakouts and blemishes. Infused with Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E, and Tea Tree this primer is just what you need for long-lasting makeup application!

2. Save Time and Money with Multifunctional Primers!

Many face primers double as moisturizers, but the Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer contains SPF protection too! The Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer is the perfect two-in-one face primer that contains antioxidants that fight against everyday environmental aggressors and SPF to protect your skin, while priming your skin for makeup application.


3. Get Makeup that Lasts All Day

With the right face primer, your makeup can last all day! Our primers and foundations work together to increase absorbency and staying power to protect against smudging or fading!


4. Get Rid of Oily Shine on Skin

If you have oily skin, the perfect matte primer is everything! The Beautifully Bare Luminous Matte Makeup Primer is infused with Acai and Vitamins C and E, making it the perfect lightweight primer that leaves your skin matte all day long.


5. Minimize & Blur Your Pores with the Right Primer

Goodbye enlarged pores! Transform your face into a flawless canvas with our Poreless Face Primer. This primer is infused with Tea Tree and Vitamins A and E for restorative benefits to hydrate the skin, while blurring fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. This primer is a must have in your makeup bag!


6. Even Out Your Skin Tone

Did you know primers can cover up spots and dark patches to even out your skin tone? No matter what makeup look you choose to wear, primers can give you a flawless and radiant base. Try the Tone Adjusting Face Primer to help achieve an even skin tone with every application!


7. Get Brighter Skin

Choosing a brightening skin primer can give your skin a touch of shimmer! Try adding a radiant glow with a soft golden luminescence to your skin with the Illuminating Face Primer. Try adding the primer to your favorite foundation for added glow.

8. Leave Your Skin Nourished and Protected

Looking for a versatile, mineral infused primer? Try using our Mineral Infused Face Primer that has a weightless silky formula that fills in fine lines and refines your complexion while hydrating your skin!


There you have it! That completes our 8 reasons why you should use a makeup primer! Don’t forget to #playbeautifully with one of our makeup primers today to achieve any of the above beauty benefits for your skin! Share your favorite primers with us in the comment section below!

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