2016 was a major year for trendy makeup ideas, and 2017 is following suit. Now that Spring is around the corner, you’re going to want to restock your makeup kits! Here are 9 of our hottest new releases.


Luxe lash kits ($4): Our new collection of false eyelashes are great for adding a dramatic look to every occasion. From Maximum Drama to Flirtatious to Winged and Bold, our new and improved falsies are now up for grabs. Reusable and packaged with eyelash glue, we make applying false lashes easier than ever with these luxurious and glamorous kits.

Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow ($4): Looking for a perfect low key yet polished look?  We’ve got you covered! Our matte liquid eyeshadows are a breeze to apply and leave a lovely wash of lasting color over your eyelids. It’s a great eyeshadow to carry when you’re on the go, plus you get the added benefit of vitamin E nutrition!

Perfect Face Palette ($10): This everyday palette is a 2017 essential! This palette features three eye shadow shades to create a buildable smoky eye, 2 lippies to suit your mood, and a highlighter and blush for either a natural or glamorous finish. You can even choose from 3 different palettes to find the shades that suit you best.


Lipstick case ($3): Looking for a durable yet fashionable little makeup bag? Look no further! Our lipstick case can hold up to 4 of your favorite lipsticks or lip balms. You can even toss in other makeup essentials like moisturizers or powders. The best part? It can fit right into any bag you carry. It’s totally a must-have.

Lip Exfoliator ($3): Lip Exfoliators have been a longtime feature on the e.l.f. Cosmetics best seller list and if you don’t already know, we added 3 new flavors to the selection! Crucial for those last winter days, the exfoliator removes any dead skin cells with sugar crystals and also hydrates your lips with jojoba oil, shea butter and avocado.

Beautifully Bare Lip Tint ($5): Leave behind the hassle of retouching your lipstick after each meal in 2017 and embrace this gorgeous lip tint. Full of vitamins and hydrating oils, it’s easy to apply and gives you a subtle hint of color that lasts all day. Your pout will look smoother and feel more nourished with every use.


Beautifully Bare 3 in 1 Makeup Base ($8): This multipurpose primer not only helps your makeup last all day, but also fills in fine lines, brightens your complexion and keeps your skin hydrated. It will create a perfect, lightweight base for your foundation to sit on. The nourishing benefits of acai, grape seed oil and vitamins also work to improve skin health with extended use.

Aqua Beauty Mousse Foundation ($6): In keeping with the lightweight theme, this foundation is perfect with its hydrating ingredients and light, smooth texture! Use it to create customizable coverage layer by layer until you get that dewy, flawless complexion that looks amazing with or without makeup.

Beautifully Precise Face Brush Collection ($34): Spring for this luxe set of face brushes this year and you won’t regret it. They apply and blend blush, powder, bronzer, and foundation with a perfect airbrush finish resulting in a professional look every time. The super soft hairs and specially contoured edges naturally follow with the curves of your face so you can create gorgeous sculpted looks whenever needed!

These are our 9 makeup product must haves to let you #playbeautifully in 2017. Get a head start and try some of them to create your favorite beauty looks!

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