Audrey McClelland (@AudreyMcClellan for you tweeps) will be sharing her e.l.f. BlogHer Story in real-time from multiple locations via her SnazL. Audrey, Ted and Allison at e.l.f., and I thought it would be fun to not just watch together but to reward your creative streak, so Audrey will be giving out $25 e.l.f. gift certificate codes to the 4 people who draw the 4 coolest e.l.f. fan signs. Audrey will also hand a $25 e.l.f. gift certificate to the first person to log in at 2 pm. So if you are the first to log in AND you’re a creative genius, you can get $50 worth of awesome e.l.f. stuff for free. See you at 2! How to join in and some helpful hints: 1. Go to, sign up for an account and activate it. Audrey is “AudreyMcClelland” on SnazL. 2. Enter the “Audrey McClelland” SnazL from e.l.f.’s site here or blog, on Audrey’s blog or right here at SnazL. You’ll enter SnazL in default Now Playing Now Playing Iconmode where you’ll be watching Audrey’s story at the together and at the same time as everyone else. Miss something? Click any item in the playlist to watch it ion your own, click the Now Playing Button button to return to what everyone else is watching. 3. Click the “Chat” tab to start chatting (see image below). Have something to share? Click Click to Add Media to the SnazL to search for and add related videos, audio, and pictures to Audrey’s SnazL screening. 4. To share your drawings: Click Camera Icon to frame and copy your drawing (“I love e.l.f.” fan signs) and add it to the SnazL playlist. Use the arrow in the gray snapshot box that appears to select what you want to include and click “OK” when you’ve got it. HINT: You can click the Camera Icon in the viewer controls (scroll over the tracker) to grab cool frames from what’s playing and draw on it. DrawingBoard