Hey Elfette! Have you always wondered how to acheive the “Naked Eye”? OK…They’re not so naked but they do look good! If you’re going for a colorless look but still want to play with shadows to accent your eyes, this is definitely the tutorial for you. These eyes can go from day to night depending on how you play them up.

I used an all-in-one palette of perfect nude tones… the amazing e.l.f. Studio Endless Pro Palette has a ton of Natural shades to choose from, no matter how light or dramatic you plan on going. And for $6 you really can’t go wrong! Start off by applying a skin-toned shadow on your lid, using the “C” Brush.

Apply a slightly deeper shade, like a soft brown, to the crease of the eye. This helps to contour the shape of your eye and give it some depth. I used the Angled Contour Brush for this, since it perfectly hugs the indentation of the crease and applys color softly.

The edge of the lid needs a deeper brown or a soft black shade to make the other steps pop and add more dimension/blending. Pick up a small amount of the deep shade and gently blend into the edge of your lid using the Contour Brush. For more drama or an evening style, apply a few layers of the deeper shade and you can blend it up towards the crease color.

Accent this gorgeous look with a fine line of Essential Liquid Eyeliner, in black or coffee. Keep the line very thin to accentuate a natural look, or go thicker for the evening. Use the point of the applicator to create a very thin line, or the entire side of the applicator to create a thicker one! Finish off with some great Mascara.

What e.l.f. products do you use for the naked look?