This look is as fun as it is messy! We wanted to create a fun, tie-dye, jawbreaker inspired mani for you guys so we came up with this quick and easy look using things you most probably have on hand! Use brights for a fun mani, or use metallics for an office appropriate mani. Here’s how:

Step 1: Apply your base coat to your nails. We use the light pearl pink from our Nail Cube in ‘Brights’.

Step 2: Using a coffee stirrer or straw and the color of your choice (we used the mint green), dip the straw into the polish to coat one side.

Step 3: DO NOT INHALE! I REPEAT DO NOT INHALE! Next you’re going to hold the straw about 12 inches away from your hands and blow! This leaves a splatter paint effect on the nails. Keep repeating this step with as many color as you like and until your nails are coated to your preference.

Step 4: Clean up! Use our Nail Polish Remover Pads to remove any nail polish around the nails. (Tip: Wear cut the fingers off of latex gloves and wear them before you spray your nails for easier cleanup).

Will you try this look?