I’ve never got into Sudoku but I know so many people who have. I think the main reason it appeals to many is the opportunity to switch off,
to forget about what you have been doing and focus on something completely different. Not to mention that it seems like a good brain exercise.
Being a business owner, I do make sure I always keep busy with activities and events not related to by business.

I decided to learn how to sail and joined the Manhattan Sailing Club. I immediately got the bug  – I love how detached from the reality and relaxed sailing makes me feel.
Recently, I also got a new camera, Nikon D90 and started taking photos. I call all these fun activities, so different from what I do for a living, my “personal Sudoku” – whether I sail or take photos, my brain just relaxes and recharges. It’s getting ready for all the daily challenges of running a business.

How about you, do you have a personal Sudoku? (and no, watching TV doesn’t count) – whether it is refreshing your tennis skills or getting a pair of rollerblades, starting to run or learning something new – new language, creative writing or how to apply makeup, find your “personal Sudoku” this summer.

Anna Sabino is a designer and owner of the handmade jewelry line Lucid New York. She specializes in charm necklaces and jewelry with a meaning. She gets inspired by people watching and creates her designs listening to her customers and asking what they would like.  This summer’s Lucid New York hottest accessories – cocktail rings were featured in Marie Claire, the New York Times Blog, Nylon Magazine and Daily Candy.

When not working, Anna loves hanging out with friends and taking advantage of all the things New York.  Her new passions are sailing and photography.