While browsing Pinterest, we found a gorgeous gold and black liner look that caught our eye and immediately re-pinned it to our ‘Beauty Inspiration’ folder! The look is really simple, but will make eyes really pop. It also kind of reminds me of what the character Cinna in The Hunger Games wears so that was cool too. Heres how:

1. Start by priming the eye with our Eyelid Primer so that the eyeliner lasts all day.

2. Next, cover the lid with a nude eyeshadow or face powder that matches your skin. The look here isn’t about the eyeshadow, it’s about the liner so we’re keeping the eyelid simple.

3. Line eyes with our Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Black’ and add a wing at the ends if you’d like for a cat-eye effect.

4. Next, using our Mineral Eyeshadow in ‘Golden Goddess’ and our Eye Primer and Liner Sealer, use the Liner Sealer side to create a paste with the gold eyeshadow. With a steady hand, apply the gold as eyeliner right above (not on top of) the black eyeliner.

5. Messed up? No Worries! Use our Makeup Remover Pen to remove any mistakes.

6. Curl lashes and coat them with two coats of our Mineral Infused Mascara.

7. For extra drama, add some false lashes.

8. Finish off by applying our Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Blissful Blush’ to the lower lash line for extra sparkle.

-Patti, contributing elfette