Do you absolutely love to stand out from the crowd? Ever wonder where to get headpieces like Gossip Girl Blair and Carrie Bradshaw? Well look no more, Patricia Fox has one-of- a-kind headpieces that will make heads turn.

Patricia Fox is a New York based interior designer. She also has a line of extremely unique head pieces that are guaranteed to make anyone stand out. Katy Perry, known for her eccentric fashion taste, wore one of these head pieces for her MTV Unplugged album cover. Katy looked absolutely gorgeous and Patricia Fox’s headpiece made Katy look sophisticated in her own edgy way. If you like dazzling unique fashion I would definitely check out Patricia Fox’s website.

I love unique hair accessories… How important is this to you when pulling together your wardrobe?


Andrea is a current college student and marketing intern at e.l.f. cosmetics. She is an avid fashion lover and is always up to date on the most fabulous trends and stories.