Many people have reverted back to the age old wisdoms of their ancestors with natural home remedies to soothe every kind of ache, pain, and beauty issue. I’m part of that growing number.
My source of wisdom is my Granny. Over the years, she has managed to come up with a home remedy for just about every problem I’ve ever mentioned. 
In fact, the words are barely out of my mouth before she’s instructed me on how to resolve it and I’m going to share one of them with you.
If you’re like me, you’ve used creams, cleansing pads, and even those stick-ons to rid yourself of blackheads! Even high-end dermatologists don’t seem to have a long term solution on how to get rid of them. However, as always, Granny did. And as always, she explained it as though this was the easiest thing in the world to fix. Here’s what she said to do:
1) Mix …yogurt with baking soda until it bubbles a little
2) Wash your face and neck with soap and warm water (this opens the pores) and pat dry
3) Take the paste and spread it all over affected areas
4) Leave it on for about twenty minutes
5) Rinse it off and wash your face with cold water (this closes the pores)
6) Repeat this every few days for healthier and clearer skin
It’s not a miracle solution, but over time it really works and every time I’ve used this home remedy, it’s soothed my skin and made it feel healthy and calm.
What natural home remedies do you use for your skin?

Aisha Attack

Is a young performer and writer. Student of performance studies, and vocal music. She lives in Greenpoint, doing work in various media. Aisha is interested in écriture féminine, experimental literature, electro, 60s girl bands and funk.