We recently came across TWO eyebrow offenders in Hollywood! Zoe Saldana and Kelly Osbourne- we love you, but WHAT was your makeup artist thinking? The eyebrow pencils do not match their eyebrow colors and look extremely off. How could we avoid this problem?

Tip 1: Choose a shade IDENTICAL to your eyebrow color, regardless of the color of the hair on your head. Sometimes if a womans hair is light and eyebrows are dark, artists will opt for a medium shade- this is the mistake. Match your eyebrow hairs and nothing else.

Tip 2: When in doubt, go darker. If your having a hard time choosing a shade, always opt for the darker choice. You can apply less product if the shade is TOO dark, or you can rock a defined brow.

Tip 3: Try an eyebrow gel over an eyebrow pencil if you are nervous about shade selection. It will color your eyebrow hairs instead of filling them in, making for a way more natural look. If you decide you still need to fill in some sparse areas, grab a Small Angled Brush and dip it into the gel for a multi-purpose product! (try our Eyebrow Treat & Tame)