Are you a tried and true beauty junkie? If your bathroom shelves are overflowing with jars, bottles, and tubes, you’re not alone. Most women actually buy over three times more cosmetics than they could ever use in a lifetime. It’s a bit like shoes actually – you can never have too many pairs! We tend to have a short attention span for our skin care; we may use something new a few times and forget about it. Everyone wants instant effects and we aren’t always patient enough to put the time into a product or regime to really give it a fair shake. Generally, you need to use any product consistently for 3 weeks to see results, and in some cases, you may need twice that length of time. Just about any skin problem – sun damage, uneven skin tone, acne and blemishes, redness – can be improved by a conscientious daily ritual using a combination of key ingredients and formulations that suit your skin type and concern.  Sticking with the same old products as your skin changes doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid to experiment when your skin care stops working for you. And don’t use the same tired old moisturizer that your mother used either. You don’t have the same skin as your mother did then or now, so you need something that works for you. 

Wendy Lewis is President of Wendy Lewis & Co. Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy established in 1997.  Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd is an international consultancy specializing in aesthetic medicine, cosmeceuticals, and skincare based in New York and London.  She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of BEAUTYINTHEBAG.COM, an international consumer beauty forum.  Lewis is on the advisory board to HBA Global Expo and is a columnist for Aesthetic Trends & Technologies, Plastic Surgery Practice,, Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine, and a contributor to Tatler,,, and She is the Editor at Large for New You and Editorial Director of GLOW. Wendy is the author of ten consumer books, including Plastic Makes Perfect, The Complete Cosmetic Beauty Guide (Orion).