I get this question from ladies all the time- How do I apply Bronzer without looking like Snooki?! Well elfettes, today I’m going to help you guys solve that problem. There are two ways to apply bronzer: One way is to get a sun kissed look, and one way is to define the face by contouring.

Lets start with the Sun Kissed Look: Using a bronzer about two shades darker that your skin tone and a large brush (try our Kabuki Brush or Complexion Brush) dust the bronzer over the forehead, nose, across the cheeks where you would get a sunburn, and down the neck so that you don’t look like your wearing a mask. The key to this method is applying the product with a big fluffy brush so the product goes on streak free and you can blend as you apply.

Now for the Contoured Look: With this method, you are basically shaping the face with natural shadows. The bronzer should be applied with a more tapered brush (try our Studio Mineral Powder Brush or our Powder Brush). Dust the bronzer around the temples, through the hollows of the cheeks, on the jaw line, and blend down the neck so you don’t have a masked effect. If you want to be even more defined, using our Contour Brush, apply some bronzer to the crease of the eyes and down the nose. Make sure you blend out any harsh edges so that the shadows look as natural as possible.

Which way do you prefer to apply bronzer?

-Patti, contributing elfette