Lip Liner is another tricky subject amongst makeup users. Should I use it? Do I need it? How do I even use it? I’ll address all those issues here as the rules have definitely changed. Although Lip Liner seems outdated, it can actually be really neat when used correctly. It can plump up thin lips and add shape, as well as making your lipstick last longer! I definitely do not recommend using a Lip Liner darker than the shade of your lipstick- THAT look is out dated. Try a Lip Liner either the same shade as your lipstick or one shade darker. The whole point of Lip Liner is to look as natural as possible.

When applying lip liner, make sure not to over draw too much or you’ll risk looking unnatural. Draw over the natural curve of our lips and fill in your WHOLE lips, not just the edges. Applying Lip Liner as a base really help your lipstick last longer. Instead of tracing your lip shape, drawing over the natural curve will make your lips look more defined and more plump. If you have thicker lips and don’t need to add volume, Lip Liner is a great way to keep the lipstick from ‘bleeding’ out around the lips.

After filling in the whole lip with Lip Liner, apply your lipstick and blend it into the liner so that it looks seamless. Practice with nudes and light pinks to get the hang of it and get used to it. When you feel you have mastered it, go for colors like red or hot pink!

– What’s your stance on Lip Liner?

Patti, contributing elfette