I love interiors! I am constantly looking for new ideas for my current apartment or my future home (because we all know I can’t afford these amazing rooms now!). These design trends are the things that my sweetest dreams are made of!

Take a walk on the wild side with me! I love these animal print accents! They bring a raw and sexy vibe to any room which can definitely be perfect for a little bit of spice. The nice thing about animal prints is that they can be both masculine and feminine depending on the context throughout the rest of the room. Mixed with leathers and woods, you have the perfect mix of rugged and chic.  I think all of our boyfriends/husbands can collectively let out a sigh of relief that they’re not living in a pink princess house. 😉

I’ll admit it, I have the golden touch! Well, not really. King Midas would love these gold touches that add a little bit of glamour to simply chic rooms.

Gallery hopping in Chelsea is one of my favorite things to do! Creating a gallery wall in your home is the best way to show off your favorite art, photographs, mirrors, or even empty frames! A gallery wall can be a serious mixture of ANYTHING. Tie ideas together with colors or don’t. Gallery walls are an easy way to showcase your eccentricities or creativety in any room!

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? Why, of course, YOU ARE! Mirrored accents are glamorous, chic, fabulous, and all of the above. They are pretty feminine so convincing your significant other to live in a mirrored palace may be difficult, but these gorgeous and aesticically pleasing room could definitely help!

What are your favorite interior design trends? Do you like the above?! Which are the friendliest to both sexes?! I love hearing from the elfettes!!!

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