I don’t wear a lot of makeup.  I really don’t wear a lot of makeup when it’s hot outside.  I have to do a little something with my eyes.  (I’ve written before how my husband and sons have been blessed in the brow and eyelash area.  Me – not so much.)  Fortunately, my skin is relatively clear.  Also, I have nice lips – a little gloss or lip color and I’m good to go. 

My lips are where I have fun with makeup.  In the summer, I love lip glosses.  It’s the ultimate hot weather beauty pick-me-up.  I’m constantly looking for new ones to try out.  My current favorite is Eyes Lips Face’s “Trophy Wife”. I like the name.  (I’m my husband’s “trophy wife”.  Okay, I’m only his wife, but I just like the way trophy wife sounds.  I am a prize.  He is too.)  I like that the mineral formula is smooth when I apply it to my lips.  I like that the gloss looks good alone and on top of my other lipsticks.  I like that it gives my lips a nice shine without being too greasy looking.  (I hate when lip glosses make me look like I’m wearing Vaseline or like I just finished eating a bucket of fried chicken!)  Most of all, I love that it makes my lips look luscious – something that my husband especially appreciates!

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Kimberly Coleman
Kimberly Coleman, a wife and mom of two sons, writes and speaks about parenting in the NYC Metro area. She received a BA in History-Sociology from Columbia College in New York. After college, she worked in finance and research for eight years. 
After giving birth to her first son, Kimberly switched careers. Since then, she has written for top Internet parenting sites, regional parenting publications and community newspapers. She is also the founder of Mom in the City (www.mominthecity.com), a blog for moms of toddlers and preschoolers.