Oh pores, just when you think they’re gone for good, they’re back in no time! Fret not ladies, here at e.l.f. we have the solution:

1. Cleanse: Pores appear larger on our skin when they’re filled with dirt and oil. Clean out the culprit by cleansing before bed and when you wake up (try our Mineral Face Cleanser). Exfoliating will also do the trick, especially when concentrating on specific pore areas (nose, cheeks, and chin).

2. Moisturize: Moisturizer keeps oil at bay on the skin, which in turn keeps pores clean and small. Do not skip this step! Like I always say, even if you have oily skin there is a moisturizer out there for you. 

3. Prime: Primer might just be the best invention since sliced bread. Whether you decide to wear foundation or not, primer will be your best friend. Primer is developed to combat against excess oil, enlarged pores and fine lines. The clear skin primer can be worn under foundation for long lasting makeup or even alone to fill in pores! (Try our Mineral Face Primer).

4. Powder: Using a High Definition Powder will set your primer into place, absorb any last bit of oil, and will create a flawless “soft focus” effect to the skin! High Definition Powder is also translucent so it will not change the color of your skin or foundation (Try our High Definition Powder).

What are YOUR tips and tricks to minimizing pores?

Patti, contributing elfette