N-N-N-N-Nick-Nick-Nick-Nickelodeon! All of us ‘90s kids have apparently become so nostalgic on Facebook for that orange blot, that Nickelodeon is bringing back the classics. Starting Monday, shows such as Doug, All That, Keenan and Kel, and According to Clarissa are making a comeback to the television. (I’m doing a happy dance right now) No more having to look up 30 second clips on youtube, the old fashioned T.V. shows on T.V. are almost airing. Although, it might not be as nostalgic when most of the ‘90s kids are busy college kids now and Tivo is available. Still, how exciting is that? Toons we thought were gone for good are back from the dead. Break out the popcorn and have a fest with your friends.  

~Kayla-e.l.f. intern