Hello Gorgeous! I’m Debbie Nigro and I am getting younger and better looking everyday. Can’t wait for tomorrow!   I’m excited to be here on e.l.f. to join the fun with all the ‘young’ beauties to spread the word that “there’s no expiration date on sexy”! Whew! Good to know eh?
I ‘m an entrepreneur who writes a blog/newsletter called “Still A Babe” It’s an attitude! and yeah yeah Ok , maybe a couple of products. (wink) 
We ageless girls need a whole bunch of stuff to tackle, wrestle, and coerce the natural look these days, and when I saw that e.l.f. had much of that stuff at ridiculously inexpensive prices, I figured I’d better get in touch with them.
Instead, fate put e.l.f. in touch with me. Fate arranged for Ted Rubin , e.l.f.’s marketing guru to be sitting next to me at a table in a restaurant in NYC a week after I discovered e.l.f. online.
When I looked at Ted’s business card, I flipped my ageless lid, as I was right in the middle of referring to e.l.f. in a power point, that I was sharing with a business associate. Isn’t fate a riot?
The fateful result is that I am here getting a chance to share some fun ageless attitude with you gals. I will now introduce my other naïve girlfriends to products here because I know they’re spending too much money on products elsewhere.
Ah, the wisdom of the ageless.


Debbie Nigro has spent the past twenty years applying her creative talents building unique start-up business opportunities, spotting trends and untapped niche markets, and developing successful concepts and content that drive revenue. Debbie is the founder of Still A Babe.com a blog/newsletter/podcast aimed at women 40+,currently the largest segment of the population with the most disposable income. She is also one of the founding partners of First Wives World, LLC, and its “Chief Executive Girlfriend”. Her vision, strategic relationships and instincts grow the business side, and her humorous “tell it like it is” videos, posts and blogs inspire and entertain an ever-growing following of the potential 30 million women in the U.S. who can relate to divorce on www.firstwivesworld.com. She is also a consultant to producers of “The First Wives Club Musical,” which is scheduled to premier on Broadway in 2009.