Savvy Auntie ( was founded and developed by Melanie Notkin. Auntie Melanie is a former interactive and print beauty editor and former interactive marketing and communications executive for global Fortune 500 companies. When Melanie first became an Auntie in 2001, she found herself concerned by the lack of modern resources for Aunties – an important and growing segment of American women, especially those yet to have children of their own, having children later in life, or opting out of motherhood altogether. After interviewing dozens of Aunties, she understood that with an authentic love for children and discretionary income, these modern Aunts had the potential to become Savvy Aunties and put their time and money where their heart is.

Finally summer is here! The sun, the beach, ice cream, popsicles, and of course the very best part – your nieces and nephews on summer vacation! What a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your favorite children!
Now is your chance to shine and show them just how cool their favorite aunt is. Have a fun day at the pool, go to the amusement park, the water park, or just have an impromptu water fight in your backyard to cool off from the summer heat. Savvy Auntie’s favorite activity is nice day at the beach teaching young nieces and nephews how to build sand castles and collect sea shells.
Spending a day doing fun things with your nephews and nieces will also bring out the child in you! Let loose and enjoy! You deserve it! So take as many pictures as you can with that snazzy new camera phone of yours. Afterwards, surprise your nieces and nephews with a “Summer Time with Auntie” digital scrapbook so they could show off their cool auntie to their friends.
Our savvy summertime tip: don’t forget to use sun block to protect you and your little loved ones from the rays! But of course you know to wear an SPF every day of the year, don’t you?