As ladies, we’re always searching for the latest and greatest beauty products to help us look as young as possible. Whether it’s a new line filler or a certain blush color, certain staples may have the opposite effect. Here’s our guide to looking younger:

1. The less makeup you wear the better! Makeup is supposed to conceal any imperfections while letting our natural beauty shine through. Piling on tons of foundation can settle into lines and make skin look older. Add foundation where needed to even out skin, and apply concealer sparingly to problem areas, not all over. The goal should be radiant natural looking skin, with any dark spots concealed. Less is more!

2. Light reflecting foundations and concealers are your friend if you have any fine lines. We’re not saying to go ahead and use the product all over your face, as sometimes you risk looking like a disco ball! If you have fine lines around the eyes, use a highlighter or illuminator on the inner corners of the eyes and don’t set with powder as that will make lines more visible. If you need to powder, use a thin layer of translucent powder sparingly.

3. Defining eyes for a wide-eyed look is the easiest way to look younger. Curling lashes helps open up the eyes and black mascara will make eyes look whiter and brighter. Try to avoid mascara on the lower lashes as it can travel to the under eye area and make dark circles appear even darker. Defining brows is also important as it frames the face. Fill in sparse areas with a soft brow powder rather than a harsh pencil. When done correctly, results are amazing yet undetectable.

4. Brighten up dull skin with a pop of pink. If bronzer isn’t doing it for you, try a warm pink shade of blush applied to the apples of the cheeks. The color and placement of blush with give off a youthful radiant glow. (Tip: search for a shade that resembles the color your cheeks turn when exercising or out in the cold).

5. Lip liner can be your best friend or worst enemy. Over time, our lip line starts to fade. Trace a lip liner in a nude or blush shade (or using a color that matches your lips) right at the edge of your lip line. Blend the line with your finger or a q-tip so that the line is soft. Avoid lip liner colors that are too dark or unnatural looking. Apply lip balm right over it and your lips will look defined and natural!

What are your beauty secrets for looking younger? We’d love to hear from you!

-Patti, contributing elfette