Every time the cold weather sets in, I stare at my winter clothes and my darker shade of foundation longing for summer. I hate to see them collect dust and I’m sure you guys also have some summer staples that you’d love to get usage out of through the cold winter months. Here are a few tips on using what you already got:

1. Dark Foundation: What a waste! You just bought a darker shade for the summer and 2 months later you risk looking mask faced! Try adding moisturizer to half the amount of foundation you usually use and apply it as a tinted moisturizer. This will give skin a beautiful tinted glow without being too dark of a coverage. Another option would be using it as a bronzer or a contour for the winter months. This will give your skin depth while not looking to shimmery or harsh. (To make life even easier, try our Personal Blend Foundation- It contains 4 different shades ranging from Light, Medium, and Dark. All you have to do is turn the dial to the shade that suits your current skin tone!)

2. Shorts: Wear your shorts over your leggings or tights. Add a pair of combat boots and an oversized sweater for some East Village flair. This look is funky, but not hard to pull off.

3. Tank tops and T-Shirts: The easiest thing to transition. Add a cardigan or a comfy sweater over any tank or tee. The more layers the better!

4. Sunscreen: Even though it isn’t 80 degrees anymore, you still need to protect your skin during the winter. As long as the sun is still shining, you should keep applying sunscreen.

What are your tips for transitioning from Summer to Winter?

-Patti, contributing elfette