Meet Board Certified Dermatologist,
Dr. Jenny Liu

Dr. Jenny Liu smiling

Dr. Jenny Liu, board certified dermatologist partnered with e.l.f. as our skincare ambassador. We asked her a few questions. Read on as to what she had to say!

Why Dr. Jenny loves e.l.f. SKIN

“I love e.l.f. SKIN because it is well formulated, easy to use vegan, cruelty-free with effective ingredients that are suitable for any skin type - whether you're dry, sensitive, combo, oily - there truly is something for everyone. I love how the line is at an affordable price point with high quality products.”

What Dr. Jenny loves about PURE SKIN and what skin type would she recommend it for

“I love e.l.f. SKIN’s PURE SKIN skincare line because Its nourishing, hydrating, soothing, using ingredients that promote healthy-looking skin, and formulated to address needs right of those with dry and sensitive skin”

What Dr. Jenny loves about HOLY HYDRATION! and what skin type would she recommend it for

“e.l.f. SKIN’s HOLY HYDRATION! skincare family adds hydration that can benefit all oily, normal, combination, and dry skin types. It leaves skin feeling plump and refreshed without feeling heavy or greasy!”

What Dr. Jenny loves about Blemish Breakthrough and what skin type would she recommend it for

“I love e.l.f. SKIN’s Blemish Breakthrough skincare line because it’s smart, utilizing ingredients that reduce current acne while also working to help prevent new blemishes from forming. The ingredients in this line work so well together, it just makes sense!”

@drjennyliu Super excited for @elfyeah new e.l.f. SKIN Check out which one is right for you #elfskin #skincareproductsmusthave #skincaretiktok ♬ original sound - Dr. Jenny Liu
@drjennyliu You can now treat your acne while simultaneously improving your complexion and post-acne marks! 💚 @elfyeah new Blemish Breakthrough line utilizes effective ingredients, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid that work together to help treat, prevent, and improve your acne-prone skin. With an affordable line-up of cleanser, treatments, and moisturizer to simplify your regimen so you don't need to stress about what to use! 😊💧 #elfskin #elfpartner #acnetreatment #acneskincare ♬ original sound - Dr. Jenny Liu

Dr. Jenny Liu, MD is a board-certified dermatologist and assistant professor in the Twin Cities. Her interests include ethnic dermatology, complex medical dermatology, and medical education. Online Jenny likes to debunk beauty myths, and share her life as a mother and a woman in leadership.