Under Eye Concealer

Fight dark circles, hydrate delicate skin & brighten puffy eyes with the best under eye concealers.

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How To Apply Under Eye Concealer:

We are always asked what is the best way to apply under eye concealer. Below is a quick tutorial where you can use your favorite eye concealer product or give our makeup a try!

1.  Prep your skin by lightly tapping a hydrating eye cream onto the under eye area using your ring finger

2.  After applying foundation, put a dot of eye concealer of your choice in the corner of the eye, and a small line on the outside of the eye (leaving the middle open)

3. Wait about a minute to let your concealer melt into the skin

4. Blend the 2 areas together using a concealer brush, or a damp face sponge

    *Optional if you want to further set:

5. Give the concealer a minute or two to self set, and softly brush a small amount of setting powder one shade lighter than your skin tone.