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How to Choose a Concealer Shade for Your Skin Tone

By Chrissy Yassim

Trying to find your perfect concealer shade can be a bit of a challenge. Whether you’re looking for a perfect match or to find a brightening shade – we're here to streamline the process and help you find the ideal match for your complexion.

Is My Skin Tone Warm, Neutral, or Cool?

Understanding your undertone is the first step in trying to figure out which concealer shade is right for you. Take a glance at the veins inside your wrist – if they appear greenish, you've got warm undertones, if they lean towards blue, cool undertones are in play but if they look like a mix of both green and blue, then most likely you fall within the neutral category. This straightforward method to find your undertone is your key to uncovering the right concealer shade.

Begin Swatching on Your Lower Cheek

Now that you’ve discovered your correct undertone, it's time to begin swatching by focusing on your lower cheek. Test a range of cool, neutral, and warm-toned shades side by side. Through systematic elimination, you'll pinpoint the concealer shade that seamlessly compliments your complexion. If you’re looking for the perfect brightening shade, simply go one or two shades lighter than your perfect match within the same undertone family.

At e.l.f. we offer three different concealer types – the Flawless Brightening Concealer, Hydrating Camo Concealer, and 16HR Camo Concealer. The Flawless brightening concealer is a lightweight yet brightening concealer pen that has a natural finish. The range of shades are very flexible meaning one shade will work across multiple skin tones. As mentioned, there’s the two versions of Camo Concealer. While both concealers offer full coverage, 16HR Camo Concealer has a matte finish and comes in a black cap. This concealer dries down just a little darker than the color on the bottle, so you’ll want to match to the color on the packaging or if swatching, wait a few seconds for the concealer to dry down. On the other hand, the Hydrating Camo Concealer has a satin finish and comes in a white cap. For this concealer you’ll want to match to the color you see in the bottle – no need to wait for it to dry down to find your perfect match.

Read our article on, “Which Camo Concealer is Right For You?” to learn more about the different camo concealers that e.l.f. offers.

Try Our Virtual Try-On or Shade Finder Quiz:

For those unable to visit a store physically, our virtual solutions step in. Explore the Virtual Try-On feature or take advantage of our Shade Finder Quiz online. With Virtual Try-On you can either use the live feature or upload a photo to find your perfect match. With the quiz, you can match from your current shade or go through a few short questions to find your match! You can find both of these resources on this page, under the shades.

These practical tools empower you to experiment with various concealer shades from the comfort of your space. Whether virtually trying on shades or taking the quiz, finding your perfect match is just a click away.

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