Eyes. Lips. Famous.

Tiktok's first-ever realtiy show where three beauty lovers get the chance to level up their skills and become #EyesLipsFamous

First came the contest, with over 3,000 entries from the TikTok community...

Now, welcome to the show!

  • New challenges each week on @elfyeah
  • Contestants undergo each challenge to showcase their artistry and style
  • Influencer Hosts judge each look, offering feedback and Pro-Tips

Tune In

Tune in to @elfyeah on TikTok starting September 21 for a month of artistry and inspiring content!

Clown Check! crafted by @avani: Pay tribute to Avani's distinguisable 'Clown Check!' by getting creative and putting your own personal twist on such an iconic look!

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A Dunkin' Look - crafted by @sethobrien: A complete look inspired by one of Seth's go-to coffee shops - Dunkin! Find creative inspiration in your everyday favorites to create a full makeup look!

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A Euphoria-Inspired Look - crafted by @madi: Challenge yourself with glitters and gems to create a dazzling Euphoria-inspired eye look!

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