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All About Liquid, Pencil and Gel Eyeliners

How to apply liquid eyeliner:

Liquid eyeliner gives you a long-lasting, intense, dramatic result. The precision, felt-tip pen makes application smooth and easy. To apply, place your elbow on a flat surface beneath you to keep your hand steady, and look down into a mirror. Rest your hand on your face and place the tip of the eyeliner pen at the midpoint of your eye. Gently pull your eyelid taut with your other hand and begin tracing your lash line with the pen, using small strokes. Once you reach the outer corner of your lashes, move to the inner corner of your eye and extend the eyeliner to the midpoint. If you want a fine line, apply less pressure; if you want a thicker line, apply more pressure. If necessary, use a makeup remover cloth to clean up the wing and make it look more precise.

How to use an eyeliner pencil:

Eyeliner pencils are ideal for any level of makeup expertise. They’re easy to use, come in a variety of colors and can be smudged for a smoky effect. You can use a creamy eyeliner pencil like a smudge proof waterproof eyeliner on your lash line, waterline, or even all over your lid for intense color. For basic eyeliner pencil application, rest your elbow on a flat surface for extra stability. Gently stretch your eyelid until it’s taut. Place the pencil horizontally just above your lash line in the center of your eye. Apply medium pressure and make a series of short strokes to create a line to the outside corner of your eye. Drag the liner a little further out each time you stroke for a smooth, continuous line. Repeat these steps from the inner corner of the eye to the center, joining the two lines. Keep the eyeliner line thinner in the inner corner of the eye. For a slightly smudged look, dip a thin eyeshadow brush in a matching powder eyeshadow and trace it over the eyeliner with short, consistent strokes.

How to do winged eyeliner:

Also called cat-eye eyeliner, winged eyeliner is an elegant and dramatic way to spotlight your eyes. The look involves eyeliner that begins narrower in the inner corner of your eye, gradually increases in width as it traces your lash line, then flicks upward when it reaches the outer corner of your eye. To get the look use a liquid eyeliner with a fine-tipped brush, like the Expert Liquid Liner, for the cleanest, crispest line. Start by holding the brush horizontally, laying the brush flat and tracing your lash line from the inside to outside corner of your eye. Next you will create the wing. Imagine the wing as the extension of your lower lash line. So place a straight brush handle along the outer corner of your lower lash line and follow the handle up to the point where you want the wing to end. Mark that spot with a dab of the liquid eyeliner. Then mark another point between the tip of the wing and the outer corner of the eye along the same straight line. Connect the dots to create a wing that extends from the tip of the wing to the lower lash line, and then another line that connects the tip of the wing to the outside corner of the upper lash line. Finally, fill in the space between the two lines at the outside corner. Finish with volumizing mascara on upper and lower lashes.

How to apply eyeliner on lower lid:

Lining your lower lid, also known as the waterline, creates a dramatic, high-impact look for your eyes. The waterline is the small “ledge” on the inside of your lower lashes. To apply eyeliner on your lower lid, gently expose the waterline by opening your eyes wide or gently pulling your eye open from underneath. Place an eyeliner pencil on the waterline of your lower eyelid and gently fill it in. Then, using a matching eyeshadow and an extremely fine brush, draw a softer line along your lower lashes. Unless your eyes are extremely wideset you may not want to extend the line to the inside corner of your eye. This will make your eyes appear closed set. Instead, stop lining about a quarter of the way out or even halfway out if your eyes are naturally close set. For balance, you should also line your upper lashes in the same color you use on your lower lashes.

How to use eyeshadow as eyeliner:

The most important tool when using eyeshadow as eyeliner is the brush. You will need a very small eyeliner brush with a pointed tip. Then, select the shade of eyeshadow you wish to use. Anything goes in terms of color, and you can also opt for matte or shimmer eyeshadow. For the longest-lasting eyeliner, dip your brush into water, then swirl it into the eyeshadow. Carefully trace your lash line with the brush to create a clean, crisp line. If you want a more natural, smudged eyeliner look, apply the eyeshadow with a dry eyeliner brush.