Lash out with the best mascaras to lengthen, volumize & emphasize your lashes.

Questions About Volumizing, Lengthening and Waterproof Mascara

What is the difference between volumizing mascara and lengthening mascara?

Mascara is one of the best ways to enhance your eyelashes, and to enhance your eyes overall. They add color, length, and volume. Some mascaras are both volumizing and lengthening that do it all. Others just add volume or length. A lengthening mascara provide a more natural look as it lengthens, separates, and defines lashes. Lash lengthening mascaras feature a thinner more defining brush allows you to apply the mascara evenly from root to tips without clumping. A voluminous mascara will thicken and plump each individual lash.

What does volumizing mascara do?

Volumizing mascara plumps each individual lash for a lush, full lash look. The result is bold and dramatic, as opposed to the more natural results you get from a long lash mascara. Many people equate a volumizing thickening mascara to a “false lash” look…without the tweezers and glue!

How do you keep eyelashes curled?

Some lashes curl naturally, others grow out in a straighter formation. To curl straight lashes, many people reach for an eyelash curler before applying. To keep eyelashes curled longer, give each lash three presses with the eyelash curler—one at the base, one in the middle and one at the tips. You may also want to warm your eyelash curler slighting with a blow dryer before curling your lashes. This will help “set” the curl in place. For shorter lashes that are harder to curl so consider using a lash growth serum which nourishes and strengthens lashes and helps them appear longer over the course of a few weeks.

Is it better to use waterproof mascara or regular?

This depends on you and your lifestyle. If you swim, are prone to sweating or have eyes that tear frequently, a waterproof mascara formula will prevent smearing and smudging and will last all day. If your life is more “low impact,” you may prefer a regular formula, which will be easier to remove without too much rubbing or tugging. Regular eye mascara is also less drying and less irritating for people with sensitive skin.

Is it okay to wear mascara every day?

Many people don’t feel “dressed” without eyelash mascara—it’s the bare makeup minimum in their daily routines. It’s generally safe to wear every day, but important to follow some safety guidelines. First, be sure to remove it before bed every night to avoid clogged pores, eye irritation or inflammation. Use an eye makeup remover that is rich enough to break down all of your eye makeup without the need to rub or tug at your skin. Next, be sure to monitor the expiration date on your makeup and don’t use any product that has expired. This will prevent the risk of your eyes coming into contact with any bacteria that might accumulate over time. Finally, if your eyes become dry, irritated, or infected, it is better to skip until they’re back to normal.