No Makeup, Makeup Collection

Perfect the natural look with these effortless essentials for your eyes, lips, face and skin.

How To Create A No Makeup Look:

What exactly is no makeup, makeup? No makeup, makeup is makeup that you can’t tell is there. It is makeup applied in a way that you just look like you – like you woke up like this – if any of us actually woke up looking like Sleeping Beauty after her slumber!

Effortless, natural makeup doesn’t have to be difficult. Just a few tips and tricks to help you understand what to choose to achieve this look will get you far. Trust us, it’s easier than you think! Follow these 5 simple steps to get the perfect natural look!

  1. Step 1: Prep & Prime

    The first and most important step for a natural look is to make sure your skin is protected! Grab the Holy Hydration! SPF30 face moisturizer and dab a dime sized amount onto your facial skin. Follow up this lightweight drink of water with a luminous face primer to get that natural glow and perfectly prime the skin.

  2. Step 2: Brighten

    Let’s face it, we don’t always drink enough water or get adequate sleep. Chugging a Venti Mocha Latte with 3 extra shots at 8am may help us get moving on our day but it’s doing nothing to alleviate any darkness in our eye area. For this No Makeup look, we prefer going with a brightening concealer because it is going to provide an effortless brightening effect without ever getting cakey! This is so key since the point of this look is that it is virtually undetectable! Using the built-in brush applicator, put one small dot of product onto the outer corner of your eye, and two small dots on the inside corner. Grab your favorite concealer tool (ours is the Camo Concealer Sponge but your fingers will work just fine too), and press, don’t rub, the product, in an upward and outward direction, into your eye area. Remember to start off with a small amount, we want to lift and brighten for natural camouflage of any hyperpigmentation – you can always add more if you really need it!

  3. Step 3: Get Cheeky!

    Grab your favorite shade of Luminous Putty Blush (for this natural look, our favorite shade is Belize) and apply it (using the Putty Blush Brush…or your fingers) to the apples of your cheeks. Think of where your cheeks would flush if you were slightly embarrassed and that will give you the perfect roadmap! Want to add subtle dimension? Before your blush, use the cream-to powder bronzer for a super natural touch of contour. Imagine a letter ‘C’ drawn onto the side of your face, starting at your hairline on your forehead, and finishing just under where you will apply your blush. The amazing formula of this bronzer is incredibly easy to blend and will give your skin a healthy warmth.

  4. Step 4: Brows and Lashes

    For the ultimate effortless step – snag the clear brow gel mascara and give your brows a little brush. This will keep them groomed all day long. Want just a bit of a punch to the eyes? Add a swipe of the Lash It Loud mascara in Brown. This super flexible wand will give your lashes the perfect amount of definition and dimension, and the chocolaty brown shade keeps the look effortless and natural!

  5. Step 5: Lips –

    we can’t forget the pout! Grab a clear lip lacquer for the perfect no makeup, makeup lip! Feeling extra sassy? Grab Bubbles instead – this shade will give our lips the perfect amount of shimmer because a little extra shine never hurt anyone!