Eyebrow Stencil Kit

Eyebrow Stencil Kit Eyebrow Stencil Eyebrow Stencil

Eyebrow Stencil Kit

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Achieve perfectly shaped brows to accentuate your face. These reusable stencils are easy to use. With 4 stencils to choose from: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch, it makes these brow stencils suitable for all brow and face shapes. Now your eyebrows can look picture perfect everyday!

how to use

How to Use

  • Pick the stencil that best fit your natural eyebrow shape.
  • Align the stencil at point 1 and point 2. Most of your natural brow hair should be inside the stencil cutout.
  • Fill in the brow area with e.l.f. Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil.
  • Flip the stencil and repeat to fill in your other brow.
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